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  1. Let's go back to probability and go back to our simplest of all examples--that of a coin flip.
  2. Assume that p is the probability that the coin comes up heads and assume we flip the coin N times--
  3. that is the same as saying that a sample size of N.
  4. It gives us N outcomes and in the past, we computed the empirical mean, the variance,
  5. but now I will let you compute the confidence interval.
  6. Let's start--I'm going to ask you a series of questions, most of them are fairly challenging,
  7. and at the end you'll be able to compute the confidence interval for a sample size N of coin flips.
  8. Let me begin. What is the expected mean outcome when you flip this coin?
  9. Suppose one is heads, 0 is tails--either comes up, it's is 0.5 chance.
  10. This could be a number where the number scales between 0 and 1.
  11. It would be 0 if the expected outcome is always tails and be 1 if the expected outcome is always heads.