Liquid Lead Dancing - It takes two to lead | Trevor Copp & Jeff Fox | TEDxMontreal

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What if a couple could lead and follow each other, and then switch, and then switch back? Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox are adapting traditional partner dancing and making it more representative of our current era. Learn to be a masculine follow or a feminine lead. With Liquid Lead Dancing anything is possible.

Trevor Copp - Artistic Director - Directeur artistique

Award winning founder of the contemporary theatre/dance company Tottering Biped Theatre, Trevor is known for innovative social justice theatre that blends physicality, image and narrative. In a talk/dance, he presents the creation of ‘First Dance’, a dance/theatre production whose central element proposes a way of changing gender role perception by altering one of the most traditional dance forms: Ballroom.

Fondateur du théâtre contemporain Tottering Biped Theatre, Trevor s’est vu attribuer plusieurs prix pour son travail. Il est reconnu pour son théâtre innovant portant sur la justice sociale qui mélange physicalité, image et narration. Dans cette conférence appuyée d’une performance, il parlera de sa création intitulée «First dance», un spectacle unissant danse et théâtre qui propose un changement de perception du rôle des genres à travers une personnalisation d’une des formes de danse les plus traditionnelles: le ballroom.

Jeff Fox - Dancer - Interprète

Jeff Fox is a professional dancer/competitor/choreographer who has been teaching in Kitchener, Ontario for the past fifteen years and has won professional titles in American Smooth, Rhythm, Theatre Arts, and Showdance. Aside from his dancing Jeff is also a double black belt, a singer, has an honours degree in psychology, writes novels, and is certified in Reiki.

Jeff Fox est un interprète professionnel, un compétiteur et un chorégraphe qui enseigne à Kitchener en Ontario depuis quinze ans et qui a remporté des titres professionnels en American Smooth, Rhythm, Théâtre des Arts, et Showdance. Jeff est également double ceinture noire, chanteur, romancier, reikiologue et détenteur d’un baccalauréat en psychologie.

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