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  1. We want to solve a real problem.
  2. It's better if we could
    address a real pain point and
  3. not just nice to have feature.
  4. If you can create a real value for your
    users, they will be happy to pay for it.
  5. >> Harnessing habits
    leads to more revenue.
  6. It drives a higher customer
    lifetime value, and
  7. it gives us greater
    flexibility to increase prices.
  8. If you are able to
    create a customer habit,
  9. it will super charge
    your monetization plan.
  10. >> However, it's a challenge.
  11. First, make sure users form a habit,
    using your app at least once or
  12. twice a day is a good start.
  13. Second, identify the four
    aspects of your product.
  14. Triggers, actions,
    rewards and investments.
  15. In the following videos,
    we will see how to identify them.