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  1. So now we have this awesome more detailed
    equation, but I still don't see any
  2. numbers. What do we know about numbers in
    this situation? Well we learned from our
  3. story that Grant earned $3 million in
    venture capital funding. So that means
  4. that money from funders right here is well
    equal to $3 million. So that means we can
  5. write down that money from funders is
    equal to $3 million. We also learned
  6. something else about numbers. We heard
    that every month, Grant spends a certain
  7. amount of money and in fact that money is
    equal to $100,000. Like we've been talking
  8. about for the past few minutes, any time
    you have two things on either side of an
  9. equal sign, you can substitute them from
    another in other equations. So let's see
  10. if you can figure out another way to write an equation
    for the amount of money that Grant has
  11. left. This time using these new numbers.
    So down here I'd like you to fill in which
  12. numbers belong in these two spaces that I
    have given you. Now you don't need to
  13. write dollar signs because I already
    filled them in for you. So we're just
  14. taking all of this information up at the
    top and combining it into one equation.