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← Appreciate Your Spouse: You Got the Better End of the Deal - Dan Pentimone

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  1. It's really a delight to be here.
  2. Thank you for the opportunity to share
  3. just a few words
  4. at your special day.
  5. So, thank you both.
  6. As I was thinking about what to say,
  7. I'm glad I didn't go
    with my first thought,
  8. because it would basically
    be the same thing
  9. that Nathan preached,
  10. which was really a wonderful message
  11. about loving God
  12. above anyone else.
  13. So, I really appreciated that Nathan.
  14. So I was thinking,
  15. what practical thing could I say
  16. to the couples here?
  17. And so, you've all heard the saying
  18. that honesty is the best policy, right?
  19. And that really is true.
  20. My wife and I have been married 28 years.
  21. And I've been honest with people
  22. through the years,
  23. that my wife and I
    have an ongoing conflict
  24. in our marriage.
  25. And I'm here today
  26. to just be honest with you all, OK?
  27. And hopefully you can glean something
  28. from the conflict that
    we have in our marriage.
  29. So, when we got married over 28 years ago,
  30. I knew absolutely that I was
  31. getting the better end of the deal.
  32. And I am convinced that that is the case.
  33. Proverbs 31 says,
  34. "An excellent wife, who can find?
  35. She is far more precious than jewels."
  36. And so through the years,
  37. I, by the grace of God,
  38. have been able to maintain that view,
  39. that I really did get the better deal.
  40. The problem is my wife
  41. is thinking that she got
    the better end of the deal.
  42. And so we've had this conflict
  43. throughout our whole marriage,
  44. where I know the truth,
  45. that I got the better end of the deal,
  46. and she still thinks that
    she got the better end
  47. of the deal.
  48. Now, I could ask for a show of hands
  49. for those who know us -
  50. I've done this before,
  51. and I do win.
  52. Everyone knows the truth.
  53. But I think through the years,
  54. that has been one of the things
  55. that has really strengthened our marriage,
  56. and helped us in our marriage,
  57. and that is really
    appreciating your spouse,
  58. above what you think,
  59. in the sense that you realize,
  60. men, that you really got the better end
  61. of the deal here, don't you?
  62. You know that.
  63. Right?
  64. And I know that you know that.
  65. But I'm guessing if I were to ask
  66. the ladies here,
  67. they would say, no, actually,
  68. I got the better end of the deal.
  69. Is that probably what you're thinking?
  70. So they already have this conflict
  71. and they just got married,
  72. and they haven't even gotten married yet.
  73. But if you will, by the grace of God -
  74. because that's really what it is -
  75. it's only by the grace of God.
  76. But gratefulness and appreciation
  77. is such a huge thing in our marriage.
  78. And by the grace of God,
  79. never lose that.
  80. If 30, 40 years from now,
  81. if the Lord hasn't come,
  82. and you're both really
    believing in your heart,
  83. I got the better end of the deal,
  84. it's really going to help your marriage.
  85. It's really going to keep
    your marriage strong.
  86. So that's my input.
  87. You just keep remembering,
  88. each one of you,
  89. I got the better end of the deal.
  90. I don't deserve to have this other one.
  91. And that's really the
    truth in my marriage.
  92. I can say it, and she's not up here.
  93. Can I just pray for you both?
  94. Our Father, we're thankful
  95. for the joy of knowing Christ.
  96. Thank You for His precious blood.
  97. Lord, may we never, never tire
  98. of praising and thanking You
  99. for the work of Your Son.
  100. Lord, we are so grateful for marriage
  101. and the opportunity to witness
  102. these two marriages today.
  103. And we pray that in each couple,
  104. each one of them would continually be
  105. thankful for the other one.
  106. That they would never, never think
  107. that they're the better
    one in the marriage.
  108. And Lord, I pray that You would
  109. just encourage them with
    this through the years.
  110. And make these marriages strong
  111. for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ.
  112. And Lord, fill us all with an expectation
  113. and a longing for His coming again.
  114. May we say as the Apostle John,
  115. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.
  116. And we ask this for the glory of Christ,
  117. Amen.