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  1. The LCD would be x squared times x plus 2. Remember we want the highest power of
  2. any factor that appears in a denominator. So we know x is already a factor of x
  3. squared, so we should use x squared. And X plus two for our LCD. Another way to
  4. think about this, is to use our factor tree method to find the LCD of X squared
  5. and X plus two. We use X squared here, since we know X is already a factor of X
  6. squared. Now don't make the mistake of putting X as the common factor here. X
  7. plus two is one factor. Wgereas X squared has the factors of X and X. The only
  8. common factor for X squared and the quantity X plus two is one. This also makes
  9. sense because this X is a term inside this factor. So our LCD is X squared times
  10. one times the quantity X plus two.