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  1. Hi, welcome to your tour of Udacity. Let's get started. So here's our main
  2. office area. As you see, it's really open so we can all work together as a
  3. team. And luckily everybody here is really creative, and that allows us to come
  4. up with awesome ideas and make the creative classes that you guys love. Let's
  5. go to next place, this is the side of the office we come to when we need to get
  6. away from the hustle and bustle of the other side of the office we can relax on
  7. bean bags or on one of the couches and meet up with people and discuss really
  8. big ideas. This is the area where we all come to kind of distress and play
  9. different games like foosball and ping pong and again enjoy working with each
  10. other, here you can see we have a fully soft kitchen with all the drinks and
  11. all the snacks we could ever want and this is the area were we have lunch
  12. together as a team everyday for some co-worker bonding time. And we can even
  13. bring dogs to the office so we have puppies to play with