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  1. We just said that the critical numbers of this rational inequality are 4 and 9.
  2. So these two values are going to split the number line into several parts, and
  3. those intervals, and these values are things that we can test to figure out what
  4. values of x satisfy this inequality. So I'd like you to start out by doing
  5. something very similar to what we did for quadratic inequalities. And filling in
  6. this column over here with intervals and values for x, starting the left side of
  7. the number line and working right. As we did before with tables, I don't want
  8. you, in this case, to include critical points in these intervals right here. I
  9. want these to be noninclusive intervals. Oh, and one other note, I'd like you to
  10. write these intervals using inequality notation.