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Ep. #9 Tyros 4 Intro Part 2 - Connecting Accessories

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This video simply covers the aspects of connecting the TRS-MS04 speakers and various other equipment such as the MFC-10, a tube pre-amp, microphone, and foot pedal.
Look for my next video which will cover configuring the MFC-10 and other foot pedal.
Again this video was taken the same night I made the first so the lighting is still not great in this one. Sorry.

I have completed editing the footage for how to connect the MFC-10. It is here

The last piece of background music in the video is the first piece I have been trying to rebuild of my old work on the Yamaha W7 on the Tyros. The original is here

I have a ways to go, once I'm finished I will provide downloads for all style and custom multipad and register settings.

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