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  1. Lets go through the terms, 1 by 1, to
    figure out what type each of them is. So
  2. first we have y, y is not just a number,
    so that means it cant be a constant term.
  3. And we also know, that y is a frequently
    used letter, to represent variables in
  4. Algebra. So, y is a variable term. Then we
    have 3 million. There are no symbols,
  5. other than numbers in this term. And
    we know that 3 million is a number, we
  6. know how big it is already, so this has a
    constant value, that means that its a
  7. constant term. And lastly we have negative
    -100,000x. Note that the negative sign
  8. belongs with the term itself, so we dont
    say that the term is 100,000x, we say that
  9. it is -100,000x, anyway, this term has two
    parts, it has a part with a number and a
  10. part with a variable. As we talked about
    before though if a term has a variable in
  11. it at all, then that term counts as a
    variable term. When we plug in numbers for
  12. x -100,000x is going to change values
    because of what we plug in. So the whole
  13. term despite have a number in it counts as
    a variable term.