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← The Danger of Going to Unbiblical Extremes - Kevin Williams

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  1. What are some of the most subtle pitfalls
  2. and attacks from the devil
  3. that you can warn others about?
  4. Kevin: Well, of course,
    the devil's crafty.
  5. I think one of the pitfalls
  6. is taking Christians to an extreme.
  7. They go from one extreme to another
  8. all the time.
  9. As Lloyd-Jones said,
  10. it doesn't matter what extreme you're on,
  11. the devil's always at the end of it.
  12. People think a church is too big,
  13. so they go another extreme of:
  14. well, we're going to meet in a house.
  15. (incomplete thought)
  16. The other pitfall of the devil
  17. is "only-isms."
  18. What I mean is it has to do
  19. with getting out of balance.
  20. It's when they make minor things
  21. major things.
  22. Being a Christian or the essential thing
  23. is you've got to be home schooling,
  24. or you've got to be
    doing street evangelism,
  25. or it can be so many things,
  26. but it's not centered upon Christ.
  27. So I think definitely
  28. taking people to extremes;
  29. getting people out of balance
  30. is the big problem.
  31. Question: And personally, yourself,

  32. when you were saved -
  33. we're all fighting to be balanced -
  34. are there times you felt
    like you got off balance?
  35. And what happened to make you see
  36. you were getting off balance?
  37. Kevin: One thing that the
    Lord's always shown me
  38. and has been faithful when
    I have got off balance,
  39. normally by seeing people who are
  40. obviously Christians; godly men
  41. who have a different opinion from me
  42. and they're not off balance like me.
  43. And you start to realize,
    hang on a minute,
  44. there's maybe something
    wrong with me here.
  45. We've got to have that humility.
  46. I think of the examples
  47. when Jesus was exhausted by the well
  48. in John's Gospel there,
  49. and of course, His
    disciples went to get Him
  50. something to eat.
  51. And He's talking to that woman there
  52. and it led to her salvation
    and many others.
  53. But when His disciples came back,
  54. it says they couldn't understand
  55. why He was talking to a woman,
  56. let alone a Samaritan woman.
  57. But it also says they
    dared not question Him.
  58. You see, their conscience was going off,
  59. saying He shouldn't be doing that!
  60. Why is He doing that?
  61. But I think they'd learned enough
  62. about holiness to say,
  63. well, this guy's maybe a
    little more holy than me.
  64. I better keep my mouth quiet here.
  65. And that has really helped me
  66. when I'm with other brothers
  67. more mature over the years,
  68. and to realize maybe they know a bit
  69. more about holiness than me.
  70. (incomplete thought)