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  1. Say we now add a transparent green object to our scene. To avoid our original
  2. rendering problem, the rule is that all opaque objects are drawn first. So the
  3. blue object is rendered. If we now render the green object, and then, the red
  4. object in that order. The green object will block the red one. We want the blue
  5. object to be affected by both the green and red filters. But the red filter is
  6. rendered too late and has no effect. Just to make life exciting, say we add yet
  7. another filter, a yellow one behind the blue object. This filter is not visible
  8. for the pixel shown. But whatever solution we choose must make sure this object
  9. is taken into account properly. My question to you is, which is the best
  10. solution? The one that will give us the result of red blend to blue. And then
  11. green blended over that. Draw all the transparent objects, sorted by their alpha
  12. values, largest to smallest. Using the painter's algorithm, with the z-buffer
  13. off. Sorted in back to front order. Or based on intensity, with the brightest
  14. objects drawn first.