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  1. These next few videos will explain the final project. And give
  2. you guidance before you get started working on it. Now, if you're
  3. enrolled in the full course experience you should complete the project. And
  4. learn how your project's going to be evaluated. If you're enrolled in
  5. the free courseware, you can still complete the EDA project to
  6. showcase your skills. But you won't be submitting the project to Udacity.
  7. Now, you might be wondering what should go into your analysis and
  8. how it should be formatted. We provided an example that is linked
  9. in the instructor notes. The example is an analysis
  10. of the diamond status set. And you should pay careful
  11. attention to how observations and questions are interspersed through
  12. out it. It's almost like a stream of consciousness of
  13. an analysts thoughts. And you should do the same
  14. exact thing when conducting your own analysis. Now, if you
  15. haven't already, go to the Instructor Notes. Download the example
  16. and the instructions to complete your analysis and get started.