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  1. So, one of the things for me going into programming and even engineering, was
  2. that it was an area that I never thought was actually like important to me as a
  3. person. growing up with a very strong art background. I went to an arts high
  4. school, like, my mother is an artist, my grandmother is an artist. Like, I
  5. just, I never really realized like off the bat, like how applicable it is. Like
  6. nowadays, I'm, so I tie the two together. I I make large paintings that have
  7. circuits embedded into the canvas. And I use an adreno which I program, so that
  8. I can do sequence of like, different light displays at the time. Or, like I'll
  9. use like capasitive sensors which I can like program like, and tweak like how
  10. the can work and what distances. These are things like me, a couple years ago,
  11. would have been like, oh, wait, I, I didn't even know I could do this. This is
  12. like a whole new form of art. And I think that's one of the things that people
  13. don't initially think like, oh, you know, someone's programming. They're just
  14. sitting at a computer, but like even the way that you program is an art. Like
  15. you can be so meticulous about it, like the same work ethic that I use towards
  16. making like a painting is the same one I use towards programming. And it's
  17. something that like, the two are so entwined for me that I can't see how, like,
  18. it wouldn't be for other areas. Like, I have friends that are writers and it's,
  19. it's also the same kind of, they have the same kind of feelings towards it as
  20. well. And it's like, it's something that where even now if I'm doing like an
  21. interactive art piece. I want to do a simulation, like that's an art in itself,
  22. and like to sit down and like program with open frameworks or something. And
  23. like that's just something like for me is like how could you not want to think
  24. that these two go together. Like they totally go together.