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  1. We've learned even more about the relationship between age
  2. and friend count by making use of the variables' gender
  3. and tenure. We've seen that users who have been
  4. on the site longer, typically have higher friend counts across
  5. ages. Now, this leaves me wondering if friend requests
  6. are the same or different across groups. Do new users
  7. go on friending sprees? Or do users with more
  8. tenure initiate more friendships? Let's explore this with a plot.
  9. I want you to create a line
  10. graph of friendships initiated per day, versus tenure.
  11. You need to make use of the variables
  12. age, tenure, friendships initiated, and year_joined.bucket. The color
  13. of each part of your one line should
  14. correspond to each bucket of year_joined. You'll also
  15. need to subset the data to only consider users with at least one day of tenure.