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  1. Rick Crammond (RC) Welcome everybody to
    the 10th Kids Knowledge Seekers Workshop
  2. presented by the Keshe Foundation
    at the Spaceship Institute.
  3. We'll be talking with Mr Keshe (MK)
  4. who will be describing to us
  5. some of the things that
    we're wondering about, about the Universe
  6. and trying to talk to us in terms of
    the way children might understand.
  7. And... today we have
    a special guest, Hector (H)
  8. ...a kid from Mexico
  9. and we'll be interacting with him a bit.
  10. And hopefully we'll try to talk
    a bit today about
  11. what kids......
  12. Continue with the theme
    of what kids might do in Space?
  13. What games would they play?
  14. What sort of activities might...
  15. might be interesting for.....
  16. ....for kids in Space.
  17. Okay! Lets carry on.
  18. We're going to talk with...
  19. We'll hear from Keyvan Davani (KD) first
  20. and we'll have a comment,
    before we go on to Mr Keshe.
  21. Keyvan, are you there?
  22. (KD) ...Hello, good evening,
    Mr Keshe and all of you.
  23. Recently, I saw a
    documentary called "Alphabet".
  24. and it shows ... in a very good way
  25. how this educational system
    that we have been having
  26. systematically destroys, you know,
    the intellect, creativity and...
  27. well, may I say,
    the spirituality of children.
  28. Even though, you know, 90...
    all children are highly talented people.
  29. So, I think the purpose of,
    you know, games...
  30. since Rick brought it up here, as
    the main issue here..
  31. is for me to learn from another and learn,
    you know, empathy, spirituality
  32. and not, you know,
    counting the, the death toll,
  33. you know, how many people or
    whatever you destroy
  34. or whatever things you destroy or kill.
    So, is there...can you...
  35. Can you maybe, elaborate on that, Mr Keshe
  36. together with our new..,
    new guest from Mexico, Hector.
  37. He... might have some questions.
  38. (MK) Can you explain exactly,
    what you want to talk about?
  39. Can you more, be precise?
  40. (KD) Sure, sure.
  41. The thing is...
  42. we're living in a world where,
  43. you know, empathy with one another is...
  44. and... and learning one another...
  45. from one another is not really the focus
  46. of this, of this system...
  47. of this educational system
  48. where all sorts of...
    of fun, pleasure, entertainment,
  49. ...or learning processes are taking place.
  50. Is there any way how
    we can develop as a civilization with...
  51. with the tools of games to...
  52. to... to learn, you know, more...
  53. to have more peace within these children
  54. and.. and within..
    and learn from one another
  55. with.. with.. with games and.. and toys.
  56. I think that.. that's
    the direction I wanna go.
  57. (MK) I think one of the most
    important points at the moment is
  58. anarchy has taken over
    the state of life, in every aspect.
  59. In so many ways, we...
  60. We have forgotten, how to be human,
  61. even us adults,
    we fail ourselves frequently.
  62. Because,
  63. we do not see ourselves
  64. in a position to be able to handle,
  65. what has been put
    in front of us, in the life.
  66. Children get bullied.
  67. Children get pushed around.
  68. And, the child who has any empathy
  69. is pushed to the
    bottom of the ranking of life.
  70. Can we make children to have empathy?
  71. Can we make children to be conscious,
    of the feeling of the others?
  72. This literally, I think is going to
    the point of non-existence.
  73. The world as we see it,
  74. the more we go towards
    what I call, "Western Civilization",
  75. is becoming more
    like a space for destruction,
  76. for competitiveness to destroy.
  77. I watch my own children and I see how...
  78. even though being taught
  79. how to live
  80. in this world
  81. it's so much that,
    they forget about the humanity.
  82. I see children around us the same.
  83. I think, in so many ways,
  84. parents are too busy
  85. to be able to interact
    with their own children...
  86. to teach them the values of life
  87. especially in the Western World
    and upcoming Third World Nations,
  88. to be industrialized, to be destroyed.
  89. One of the positive points
    which I see with Keshe Foundation
  90. in our research and the materials, and the
    technologies which we are putting out.
  91. And, the coming days...
  92. You have seen some units been put out.
  93. And more and more of these
    things are getting released...
  94. ...will be released.
  95. We will see if we can take
    the pressures off the social structure
  96. and with that, we can allow
  97. parents to have time, to teach
    their children the ethos of life.
  98. At the moment, the "Rat race" is just
    to be able to have food on the table.
  99. Maybe, a light on the ceiling
  100. and maybe if you're lucky
  101. a moving color board,
    what we call television.
  102. That we can spend our time in front of it,
    to see what we have to do to get more of.
  103. They advertise more expensive things,
    new toys, new gadgets
  104. and our race in life has some...
  105. Which gadgets we don't have and
    which toys we want to have as children.
  106. In Space these things will have no value.
  107. It's for a fact, we know that in Space,
  108. all these "Rat race"
    of Human races, will be over.
  109. Yeah!
  110. We... We will in the coming...
    beginning of next year,
  111. develop new games,
    new toys for children.
  112. according to,
    Keshe Foundation technologies.
  113. In the next three weeks,
  114. something, like, three or four
    new products from the Foundation
  115. for the first time,
    will be mass produced
  116. and be made at the prices that,
    every man on this planet can afford.
  117. I can assure you.
  118. Then, when you can have
  119. a small amount of energy to produce,
    to have light without doing anything.
  120. When you have the material that
    you can make systems
  121. to be able to be usable
    by children and by adults,
  122. where you don't have to work.
  123. The parents don't have to
    work ten hours extra a month
  124. or twenty hours extra a month,
    just to pay the electricity bill.
  125. Then, that takes the
    pressure from the families.
  126. When the parents
    do not have to pay for water
  127. and they can have a clean water,
  128. which is one of the first few units
  129. coming out before this... before Christmas
    as a gift of Keshe Foundation to humanity.
  130. Then, you find...
  131. Children, parents will have more time
    in the coming year
  132. to be able to interact, and the
    parents to teach their children.
  133. How, or have time to be with the children,
    how to be Human.
  134. As I said, in Space, there is no wars.
  135. In Space and when you're in a...
    Whatever you call it?
  136. "Spaceship" or in a "Craft"
    which travels across this Universe.
  137. There's no need for war, because
    you have whatever you need
  138. and, you can have whatever you want.
  139. And then, you understand that
  140. there is no need for all these situations
    we see with ... with people.
  141. Children are victims
    of parent's doing's at the moment.
  142. What does this mean?
  143. It means, parents...
  144. we're getting more and more busier,
  145. so, we don't have time
    to spend with our children.
  146. Then, what does the child does?
  147. A Child needs to find something
    to keep him busy.
  148. Video games, which the only thing
    they do is to destroy, and destruction.
  149. Being depressed in the school to be
    bullied, because of, they are depressed.
  150. And now, it's become
    what I call "Gang depression".
  151. What it means?
  152. Three or four kids, who are coming
    from the lowest classes of society
  153. get together to bully the others
    that they can confirm that they exist,
  154. because in their own society
    they don't exist.
  155. You find bullies in the school where,
    children in the house get battered.
  156. So, they bring the same thing
    into the house... into the school.
  157. So, now, the children
    which come from a good family,
  158. now, become victims of these people.
  159. Where is the empathy?
  160. And now, if you tell the children
  161. which are abusing,
    or what we call bullying.
  162. Now, the child which
    was victim becomes double victim.
  163. Because now,
    they have something to do against them.
  164. "You talk to my child."
  165. The Ethos of teaching,
    at this moment on this planet,
  166. especially in the Western World,
    has gone to the wall.
  167. Teachers have no say how to teach Ethics
  168. and the children do whatever they like.
  169. Because, "You cannot talk to my child."
  170. "So, why do you send your
    child to school?"
  171. If you as a parent,
    have never told your child what to do,
  172. as you pay a teacher who does it...
    to do it for you
  173. and then, why you say,
    "You have no say to teach my child."?
  174. The whole structure will
    change in the coming time.
  175. We see it.
  176. We, the Keshe Foundation
  177. is going into the depth
    of teaching the Universal Language,
  178. the Universal Teaching,
    to the man on Earth.
  179. What does this mean?
  180. This means every child is equal,
    irrespective of position,
  181. anywhere on this Planet.
  182. Education is a God given right.
  183. and the reason the child cannot have,
  184. because the parents
    don't have the money to pay for it
  185. or the student... the child,
  186. has not access to it,
    because the school is not there.
  187. In Africa, for example,
    you have to pay twelve Euro
  188. or was to fifteen Pounds,
    something in that region,
  189. to get your child to school, a year.
  190. They can't afford it.
  191. They have to borrow and beg,
    to be able to put the child in a school.
  192. Keshe Foundation ...
  193. as a, what we call the "Institute"
  194. will open up in the coming...
    early next year.
  195. I have seen the documents for it.
  196. Hopefully, they can put it up
    before the end of the month.
  197. We teach everything freely to
    the children across the World.
  198. Live program, live teachings.
  199. We are raising financial position
  200. that, we can start
    teaching from early next year,
  201. freely, across the world,
  202. through the systems
    we are developing ourselves,
  203. which costs no.. no much.
  204. And the families and the children
  205. who don't have the money
    to have the light in the house...
  206. we give the systems freely to them.
  207. We...
  208. You see, one of the...
  209. One of the problems...
  210. Sorry about that.
  211. One of the problems, at the moment,
    to the teaching, we see it,
  212. Is the obsolete
    Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
  213. which has to be done,
    to fill in the books.
  214. It has no relevance.
  215. So, we start the Plasma teaching.
  216. We will set up..,
    It's just a matter of a few weeks.
  217. It's just...
  218. we are financially positioning ourselves,
    to be able to deliver this.
  219. What it means?
  220. We will provide every technical,
  221. meaning, within the reach
    of the Keshe Foundation,
  222. to delivery, of the
    free energy system for the families.
  223. Which means, in Africa,
  224. the process will be that,
    every household within the coming times
  225. will receive a receive a unit
    which absorbs CO2.
  226. Freely.
    If they can't afford it in Africa,
  227. freely, it will be given
    to them by the Foundation.
  228. When you have the CO2
  229. and then, at the same time, we provide
    back to it, the new energy systems.
  230. I heard today from the developers,
  231. they have improved the energy production
    by 300 percent since yesterday,
  232. because they are getting
    to know how to do it better.
  233. So, now, in being able to have a CO2 kit,
  234. you have free energy.
  235. And in being able to
    have to the free energy,
  236. you can create conditions,
    to have clean water.
  237. Then, you can allow
  238. the children to be supplied
    energy-food, directly through the water.
  239. So, we are going back to
    the essence of no killing.
  240. You don't need to kill an animal to
  241. receive what you need
    to survive and enjoy the life.
  242. And then, with being able to take
    children out of hunger and lack of energy
  243. then, in the process
    we start teaching our way.
  244. The new way.
  245. You don't need to read
    about the history of man 2,000 years ago.
  246. How they killed each other
  247. and how... who was an emperor
    and who was a conqueror.
  248. What you need to know is
  249. how to be the detached from wars
  250. and being able to read and write
    in accordance to one basic language.
  251. That's a language of science
    from the initial basic point.
  252. This is the..
  253. This is part of the road-map
    of Keshe Foundation for 2015.
  254. At the same time, as you are
    on the Livestream, you can see
  255. we have a few centimeters
    left to... to land
  256. and hopefully, before the end
    of this program or early tomorrow morning
  257. as we say, the... the units will land.
  258. What we're going to do,
    we lift it further, higher
  259. and then, we allow it to land again,
  260. which means, it's not coincidental.
  261. And then, Armen has already set the scene
  262. You know, you'll see a
    little Grey stand in the background
  263. The new system will go up on that.
    It's all already on it.
  264. If you can see it.
    It's motor on a vertical position
  265. on the horizontal line
  266. to be able to see
    how we can dictate the position of lift.
  267. And if we succeed before the...
    we break off for the holidays
  268. we'll carry on, we'll show it to you.
  269. So children, always remember if you say,
  270. "What has happened, what do you remember?"
  271. We say,
    "We remember when we landed on the moon".
  272. Everybody remembers
    the first landing with Apollo.
  273. Now, without burning any fuel
    on earth, we land.
  274. And we're going to repeat it, that
    It's 100 percent confirmed.
  275. We showed in the past week,
  276. we descended by about 18 centimeter.
  277. Now, we reset our system and in past
  278. If you see the blue line on Livestream,
  279. that is at the moment, about an hour ago,
  280. we have come down by about two centimeter,
  281. hopefully, by tonight or tomorrow morning,
    we land.
  282. This is a significant move
    in the history of man.
  283. We teach every child how to be
  284. to see, now for example to go from
  285. lets say, from
  286. Freetown
  287. or if you go from
  288. Banjul in... Gambia.
  289. If you want to come
    to Europe or to America,
  290. or to anywhere else
    to see how the world is.
  291. You have to save
    a lot of money for the air ticket
  292. because the fuel has to be paid for.
  293. Because we made the fuel that expensive,
  294. that the rich stays rich and
    the poor stays poor
  295. and, the.. what you call,
    "mishandling of society" carries on.
  296. With a system like this,
  297. the cost to come to Washington, to London
    and to interact with other children
  298. to learn, to
    be part of the world community
  299. would be less than ten cents,
    because we are not burning any fuel.
  300. We are not destroying any environment.
  301. The changes in 2015,
    through what we have now put out
  302. it'll be so radical, that a lot of people
    can't even imagine what it is to come.
  303. The biggest problem is not to take off.
  304. This is what I was telling to
    knowledge seekers today.
  305. The biggest problem is
    to understand the landing.
  306. What's the use you stay in the air when
    you cannot land where you want to land?
  307. We're outstanding...
  308. We're trying to understand the process
    of the landing, using the technology,
  309. So, in the new year,
  310. we'll go to the next phase of
    take off, landing and the rest.
  311. We will show new systems,
    maybe, even tomorrow,
  312. which people think,
    this technology is far behind.
  313. Where the four frontiers of
    this technology, will be available to see.
  314. So, we have deliberately now,
  315. Armen and Marko have set
    the reactor that you can see.
  316. We're still too far.
  317. We still don't see leg when it lands.
  318. There's still a shadow on it
    but we'll sort it out later on.
  319. So, it's still too far,
    it's got to be on the leg.
  320. When it lands, you can see it.
  321. I'm talking to Marko and... Armen.
  322. We don't need it,
    you can put it under the floor.
  323. Put a... Just...just that
    we can see when it touches the ground.
  324. It's there.
  325. Just put it right..
    Turn the camera and put it on the floor,
  326. that, when it lands we'll see the landing.
  327. Come on, Armen.
  328. Every child wants to land.
  329. So, you see how correct it is.
  330. You watch for the first time,
  331. science when is...
    having... in the lab, live.
  332. There are people like Armen and Marko,
    and other people like Dr Eliya,
  333. and others around the world are
    paving the road, of their own time.
  334. To make sure the children of
    the next generation
  335. and the present generation
  336. will have better life,
    than we had and we've seen.
  337. You will see them.
  338. If you go on Livestream, you see them.
    They're changing it live.
  339. We're going so close to
    show the landing, that is not coincidental
  340. it is vital, it's absolutely important.
  341. Because, once this happens
  342. and we're going to repeat it
    again for the second time.
  343. This means, man is free of the shackles
    of the forces of this planet,
  344. the gravitational and the magnetic field.
  345. What this means is that,
    we can land directly,
  346. we can take off directly,
    without burning any fuel.
  347. The minute this system...
  348. the legs of this system
    touch the ground.
  349. Yeah.
  350. Yep.
  351. The minute this... this system lands,
  352. you see it touching the ground
  353. the man's history of
    past thousands of years, is finished.
  354. We... we... we copied the birds,
    we made the aeroplanes.
  355. Now, this is a Universal system.
  356. And when it lands, it means, borders,
  357. nationalities, races and creeds
    have come to an end.
  358. Because now, we become all one
    and we can go anywhere we like
  359. and we can land anywhere we like.
  360. And this is a change for the youngsters,
  361. for the youth and for what we call,
    the children.
  362. That's why it's a children's program.
  363. And it's beautiful to see this
  364. during the child... children's program.
  365. Because, this will touch
    the life of every child on this planet.
  366. In the coming weeks,
  367. you will see the toys which..
    we will bring this to you.
  368. If you are interested in toys
    and how you can enjoy
  369. I think not many children
    will go and play
  370. with the computers and iPads anymore
    in the coming years.
  371. When you can float
  372. when you can be
    on a bicycle without wheels.
  373. You see how far we are?
  374. We're less than
    a centimeter away from landing.
  375. The camera is being placed in
    that way that you can see it.
  376. You can... You do not hover,
  377. you fly.
  378. Because we don't create any
    magnetic fields, that creates levitation.
  379. This is positioning.
  380. The system gradually is finding
    it's position, in respect to the ground.
  381. and it will land.
  382. This is... This is one of the most
    beautiful things for you children.
  383. You can...
  384. What you saw as the most
    expensive toys you could dream of,
  385. by having a little GaNS which you get .
  386. You'll get a free unit
    in Africa as a CO2 kit.
  387. You put it in a ping pong ball
    and you can start it.
  388. Then, you have your
    own airborne surf board.
  389. You'll find a way...
  390. you can travel around very simply,
  391. this system produce very little energy
  392. on the background as well.
  393. If you're floating one or two,
    or 10 centimeter from the ground
  394. and you have a little motor,
    hairdryer in the back,
  395. you can go anywhere.
  396. This is an amazing system,
  397. what is coming,
    and what'll be available to man.
  398. (KD) Mr Keshe, one short question.
    Can I just interrupt you?
  399. (MK) Yes
  400. (KD) Remember, you...
    You mentioned once that,
  401. within the earth's atmosphere
    you could go even up.
  402. Because, it wouldn't... it would...
    it would catapult you,
  403. probably out of this atmosphere
  404. if you go beyond 40,000, whatever,
    Mach or whatever that is
  405. But, beyond the earth atmosphere,
    it could go beyond?
  406. (MK) We can go with the speed of light,
    even in this atmosphere.
  407. (KD) Really? Okay!
  408. (MK) Yeah, but
    the thing is we have a horizon.
  409. Horizon on... on earth is limited to...
  410. around 20-30 km and less.
  411. Horizon means,
    being able to see the end, one end,
  412. where the curvature of the earth,
    will take the sight away.
  413. You can see it on the seas, on the oceans.
  414. So,
  415. the speed limitation is a man's thinking
  416. but you can go right through the surface
    of the earth.
  417. There's no problem, we can go thousands
    of times faster than the speed of light.
  418. These things, these restrictions,
    which were put by the scientists
  419. who did not understand
    the true meaning of Universal forces
  420. was because, of their own limitation...
  421. of their own mind and thinking.
  422. I always say, you know...
    Sorry about that!
  423. You know, in 18th century, 19th century,
    sorry... when... when the cars came out.
  424. They said;
  425. "if you go faster than 25 miles, your eyes
    will pop out and your ears will bleed."
  426. And, they have put the same restriction
    by the ones that never understood
  427. that the speed of light
    is the maximum speed.
  428. You see now, Armen and Marko are setting,
    that they show the landing time.
  429. This... this... the system when it lands
  430. it has a significance... significant
    implications for Mankind.
  431. Children, will be the first beneficiaries.
  432. Can you imagine, you'll be
    sitting on this box and you're floating?
  433. You can play on it.
  434. You don't have no weight limitation.
  435. We can put as much weight as
    you like on this system
  436. because it doesn't carry any energy,
    it finds it's position,
  437. as long as you are
    within the system parameters.
  438. So, in the next few minutes, hopefully..
  439. I hope we can be present,
    when it comes to landing.
  440. On one side, you see it is landing
    because it's slightly tipped.
  441. Marko is trying to find the time to show.
  442. it's 7:14 in the evening on
    the 10th of December 2014,
  443. that you all can see,
  444. the time when this thing lands,
    when it touches the ground.
  445. It's an amazing position.
  446. You see the tip...the bottom of blue line.
  447. That's where we started
    about an hour ago, an hour and a half ago.
  448. Armen is here with me.
  449. And... you can see the top,
    tip of the pen..
  450. that it shows where it is now.
  451. We come down about two, three centimeters.
  452. We've got about
    a centimeter left to touch down.
  453. (KD) You know, Mr Keshe, it should be
    all over the news, actually.
  454. This should be prime time news
  455. but this shows how
    the media is totally controlled and...
  456. (MK) Yeah! ... the things is...
  457. We know Fox, which is
    the main news carrier worldwide
  458. has been instructed by Royal families
    and other people around the World
  459. not to broadcast anything
    to do with Keshe Foundation.
  460. We know this, they have told us.
  461. As you know, a number of world famous
    anchor... news anchors are Iranians.
  462. And they have told us.
  463. "We cannot even talk
    about your technology, Mr Keshe."
  464. They've been told they cannot do so.
  465. If somebody gets shot,
    you get a text, "Somebody got killed".
  466. You know, on my iPhone,
  467. I get only one news
    and it all comes from BBC.
  468. "Such and such a guy, bombed",
    This guy killed..."
  469. Just, in the past four days,
    I've received four texts from BBC.
  470. And it's who was killed, and how
    he was killed and, how many people killed.
  471. And I go on a Japanese television,
    there is no such news.
  472. Because by killing,
    they are not giving you the news.
  473. They are telling,
  474. "If you don't do what we say,
    this is what we're going to do with you".
  475. So, in so many ways
  476. when this system lands,
  477. there is no border anymore.
  478. Because, as you can come down,
    you can go up.
  479. [Vince (V)] Mr Keshe, what is the rpm
    right now of the cores?
  480. (MK) Pardon?
  481. (V) What is the rpm
    of the cores right now?
  482. (MK) 2,000 we haven't touched anything.
  483. Everything has been kept at 2,000 rpm,
  484. which is "revolution per minute"
  485. for the children if they don't understand.
  486. This is a perfect picture,
    thank you very much.
  487. It's absolutely gorgeous,
    It shows the time of landing.
  488. But it's a little lopsided.
    You've seen it?
  489. One leg is up.
    It's like a little dog, but it's perfect.
  490. No, no, the unit, it's been hung that way.
  491. It's absolutely perfect.
  492. So, we..
    (V) Isn't it weak that way, sorry...
  493. (MK) Pardon?
  494. (V) ..weight or is that what the...
  495. the forces will try to do, it will try to
    or the fields will try to do...sorry
  496. will try to find the... a way to balance
  497. ... even with them rotating?
  498. (MK) You see, what happened
    You've got to understand the principle.
  499. I've been told, you keep on
    telling people you don't understand.
  500. I've been accused of...
    "This means, we are stupid".
  501. What... When I mean... When I say
    the words "You don't understand."
  502. It means, it needs a lot
    of thinking to understand.
  503. But, it's a terminology I got used
    to for years and years,
  504. a lot of people, but at the same time
    I keep on using it,
  505. said, "We are not the stupid,
    we don't understand!".
  506. But what happens actually is,
  507. I was explaining this to... to
  508. Armen and... Eliya yesterday.
  509. You see four little brass balls.
  510. You don't see them but they're rotating
    at about 2,000 revolution per minute.
  511. What is happening in this process?
  512. In these little balls,
    which is about 2cm diameter
  513. we have put Plasmas, floating Plasmas,
    what we call GaNS.
  514. And in rotating them at this speed,
  515. these Plasmas, they are like Suns.
  516. But, in each container, in each ball,
    in each what we call "Core",
  517. there is millions of these little Plasmas,
    atomic Plasmas.
  518. Each Plasma is like a Sun.
  519. And what does the Sun do?
  520. Sun continuously
    radiates light out, energy out.
  521. And what happens?
  522. The energy gets spread
    across the Solar System.
  523. Part of it becomes the heat we receive.
  524. Part of it, they go somewhere else,
    becomes different things.
  525. In this core... in these four cores,
    the same thing is happening,
  526. but the Suns are these little balls.
  527. And inside these little balls...
  528. the brass balls
    there are millions of little Suns.
  529. And they're all radiating fields out
  530. and part of these fields pass the walls
    of these cores, which is what you see.
  531. And then, when they come out,
  532. because of the
    spin and rotation in the core
  533. they get absorbed and
    interact between each other
  534. and they get trapped in the center
    of the system, between the four cores.
  535. So, now what we're doing,
  536. we are putting all the bits,
    what comes out, like, little pebbles
  537. from each core into this center core,
    which is in the air.
  538. It has no containment, because
    they're all connected magnetically.
  539. And it's like, me putting
    little pebbles in your pocket.
  540. First pebble, you don't feel but,
    if I put 100, 200 pebbles,
  541. the jacket gets heavy, it pulls you down.
  542. And then, if I put more pebbles,
    the jacket comes off your back.
  543. So, what happens now, instead of pebbles,
  544. we're putting Plasmatic magnetic
  545. little...little Plasmas getting added.
  546. And then the mass of the Plasma
  547. in the center, you don't see,
  548. increases in mass.
    (V) Sorry,
  549. Mr Keshe we're getting some more sounds.
  550. (MK) The sound is...
    Okay! Is it better now?
  551. Are we better?
  552. (resolves sound issues)
  553. Is it better now?
  554. Okay.
  555. So, what happens is that these little..
    instead of pebbles,
  556. now, we're putting Plasmas into this,
    center of these cores.
  557. And you getting, heavier
    and you getting, more powerful
  558. and interacts with the planet.
  559. So, it's getting pulled in.
  560. You're increasing the mass.
  561. So, that's why the..
    the system is coming down.
  562. The system weighs about
    11 and a half kilogram, totally.
  563. So, we're not moving a few grams.
  564. It's about 11.1 or 11.2 kilogram,
    11.5 kilograms...
  565. something in that region,
  566. with a magnetic shield,
    you see the cover on top.
  567. This cover is 13 kilos...
    13 and a half kilo.
  568. I can remember, we did...
    around about 12-13 kilos.
  569. So, we are not moving a few...
    it's a weight of a child.
  570. It's the weight of a child,
    to four or five year old child..
  571. ...three or four year old child,
    which is hovering.
  572. Imagine if you put a three or
    four year old child on a..
  573. on a, what we call a "Surf", like this,
  574. then, he floats.
  575. And then, you can play around the house.
  576. This is the change which is coming in.
  577. And that's how we increased the weight.
  578. So, but when you increase the weight
    in these systems,
  579. it becomes irrelevant,
  580. because the field,
    which covered by the system,
  581. it can become 200 kg or 10...1,000 kg.
  582. You still keep the same position
  583. as long as you are
    within the sphere of the fields.
  584. So, this is what the future holds.
  585. This is what, when you want to go shopping
  586. you don't take car and you don't have
    to go look for a petrol station.
  587. Because, once you made your system,
  588. these little cores
    will last for thousands of years.
  589. The Sun lasts for
    millions and billions of years.
  590. So, this is the same processes,
    a smaller size.
  591. No child in the future
    will live in the cold
  592. because parents don't have money to pay.
  593. Because now the energy
    has become totally free,
  594. and by this landing, we show further.
  595. And no child, as I said before,
    needs to go sleep hungry,
  596. because, all you need to do
    once you land it...
  597. you don't want to land all the time,
    but your reactors run,
  598. and they create energy.
  599. If you can convert the energy
    into heat or condensation,
  600. you have free clean water
    from the atmosphere.
  601. And then, you put the energy
    which is in these cores
  602. in the center, which landed,
    into the water.
  603. It's food.
  604. What do you do when you eat food?
  605. take energy
    from the apple, from bread.
  606. Now, parents don't
    have the money, to pay for the food.
  607. The water is your food, because
    it gives you and you don't feel hungry.
  608. The hunger is not there,
    the lack of energy is not there.
  609. This... This landing will change
    a lot of things for Mankind.
  610. And especially for the children
    in the coming months and years.
  611. One of the projects and one of
    the principles we have agreed,
  612. because now the Keshe Foundation
  613. is 50 share... 50 percent shareholder,
    in the company of manufacturing.
  614. Every cent we make
    from sales of the products,
  615. which is the share of the Foundation
  616. goes back to give units to the humanity,
    irrespective of color, race and religion.
  617. Now, we see how many people suddenly
    become the supporters of Keshe Foundation.
  618. Because, they want a unit
    to be able to have their free energy,
  619. they want the unit to be able to
    have clean water.
  620. And in a simple way,
    we change the Ethos of humanity.
  621. Unconditional supply and resources.
  622. And 2015 will be the beginning of it.
  623. Actually, by the end of this year,
    within the next two weeks
  624. the first Units,
    freely given to the world population,
  625. will go out from the Foundation.
  626. If you are a child from Mexico,
  627. as you are on the line
    and you know poor children in your country
  628. you can start
    a Keshe Foundation for children,
  629. that the poor children
    can have the systems.
  630. And then,
    the energy systems comes with it,
  631. and the process for other things,
    which is on the way.
  632. We change the life of every
    child on this planet, in the coming years.
  633. Not by promises because,
    we are not politicians
  634. But, by what the rich buys
    to benefit by it
  635. which through it,
    we benefit those ones who cannot afford.
  636. So, the society will become equal.
  637. This has to change.
  638. It's a beautiful change
    for the youngsters.
  639. (V) I was wondering what Hector
  640. might think about that...
    some of those comments and...
  641. I was wondering if had any comments
    of his own about... about that idea.
  642. And ... any questions, or anything else
    he'd like to add to the conversation.
  643. Perhaps, we can hear from Hector?
  644. (H) Hi! Hi.
  645. So, first, I just wanted to get clear.
  646. Is this flying or something?
  647. (MK) Yes! It's not flying,
    it's positioning.
  648. Fly, when you are
    with the air disposition.
  649. ... Aeroplane flight because it... it...
  650. The, what do you call it?...
  651. it moves and changes
    the position of the air.
  652. A bird flies, a Universal System
    positions itself.
  653. You create fields which positions you...
  654. If it's... The simplest way,
    is get two magnets in your hand
  655. and put the two side,
    which are opposite, to each other.
  656. You see they come together.
  657. And if you put
    the two sides which are similar,
  658. you find out, they find
    a distance between each other.
  659. You can't put them together.
  660. This is exactly what are happening
    with the system.
  661. It's creating a field,
    which creates a position
  662. in respect to the Earth's
    magnetic field and gravitational field.
  663. (H) Alright! Well, yeah, all that...
  664. I think, like, I just been waiting
    for this like, my whole life.
  665. I as..
  666. Yeah it's..
  667. It's very interesting.
  668. I think it's great that you're doing that.
  669. Yeah, I think that could really...
  670. make a radical change on things
  671. like, not only on...
  672. on the... scientific things
  673. but also in practical life to all
    people who...
  674. is made, even rich or poor, or whatever.
  675. But, that as... I don't know..
  676. I don't remember if it was Rick
  677. or Marko says that we are evolving.
  678. So, I think this is really a big step
  679. for the both of the humanity.
  680. And congratulations, really,
    for making all this.
  681. (MK) Maybe... maybe it's the time
    that we look,
  682. for the Keshe Foundation for youth,
    around the world.
  683. That, we distribute the units to the youth,
  684. which has then,
    has no financial position.
  685. This is one of the things that
    we will set up in the road map of 2015
  686. is that we will try not to supply units
  687. to charities or people
  688. who are influenced
    by who will get the units,
  689. but, the units go directly
    to the children.
  690. Because, they have
    to be the beneficiary of it.
  691. It's them who suffer most
    than the... the adults.
  692. Because what we've seen with other
    programs around the world.
  693. When things become freely available,
    adults tend to abuse it very quickly,
  694. where, children tend to be more fair,
  695. to be more correct
    in the distribution of wealth
  696. in distribution of science and technology.
  697. So, one of the things we
    shall encourage in 2015
  698. is the Keshe Foundation Youth Group
  699. and we try... and one of the ways we'll do,
    we give priority to them.
  700. If they can send, "There is such a child
    they need such a thing"...
  701. that the CO2 kit, like, in...
  702. in different part of the world,
  703. especially for clean water with
    all sorts of infections,
  704. can be used by the children...
  705. Given to the youth
  706. to start looking after the.. changing the
    Ethos from the root, from the beginning.
  707. We have seen the abuse, for example,
  708. when the rice is given to
    charity organizations to distribute,
  709. it becomes money for them and then,
    their own family has had it first.
  710. And the real poor people,
    the ones who need it,
  711. they have to queue up,
    to get a little, if any.
  712. This way, we try to change the position.
  713. But, the Keshe Foundation,
    because it's a science for the future,
  714. as a technology for the future,
    we'll work through the teenagers.
  715. For example, you can
    start the system, process in Mexico.
  716. Speak to the Mexico... What you call it?
    ... Mexican Keshe Foundation
  717. and become part of changing the route,
    in your own structure in your own country.
  718. ... The problem at the moment is
    another week... ten days
  719. When we'll announce that we have,
    lets say, a thousand or two thousand
  720. or ten thousand free units
    to be given to poor families
  721. that they can start
    benefiting by it.
  722. Mainly in the third world nations
    initially for cleaning up the water.
  723. Till the energy units
    are marketed,
  724. Then you will see
    how people will change.
  725. (H) Sorry... How does this work
    for the water?
  726. (H) - I mean.
    (K) - For?
  727. Like the cleaning the water?
  728. (MK) You just... the CO2 which you
    absorb from the air
  729. you just add one or two
    drops into the water
  730. contaminated water...
  731. and most of the material is absorbed
    to it and it sinks to the bottom.
  732. And the water on top
    becomes totally drinkable.
  733. This information for the university in
    Sierra Leon, to be correct
  734. And tomorrow hopefully in the workshops
    we'll announce new position in respect
  735. to Keshe Foundation for
    cleaning of worldwide program
  736. Tomorrow morning, if you listen to the
    Keshe Foundation Thursday talk,
  737. Most probably I will not be here,
    Marko will start the process,
  738. till I arrive, till I join in. And
    we will announce in time
  739. how the things have changed.
  740. So you don't need to have...
    you receive a kit,
  741. all you need to do is put a half a
    litter of salt water into it
  742. The processes start.
  743. Then you can harvest the material
    you absorb,
  744. the container... everything
    comes with it.
  745. and then you use the material
    to add to the drinking water.
  746. Any contaminated water, most of it should
    be able to be cleaned up.
  747. So we give you the system free.
  748. It's totally free to the third world
    nations, to children who can not afford it,
  749. the families who don't have the money
    to even...
  750. 2 dollars is the salary of
    maybe a week of a father
  751. for a family of two or three.
  752. But now, instead of him not being able to
    give clean water,
  753. and... even energy to his children
    to be able to live.
  754. A lot of children die in the third world
    nations due to contaminated water.
  755. We know for a fact, we will release more
    data in the coming months,
  756. that even the mosquito,
    which is malaria larva
  757. when its attached to this material will
    most probably change characteristics.
  758. So...
  759. (sound problems)
  760. So what happens is that you will be
    able to have... the water,
  761. I have asked our colleagues,
    the manufacturing side that...
  762. What we call,
    "Water Decontamination Units"
  763. to be released as fast as possible.
  764. More or less at the
    same time as the CO2 kits.
  765. And... so a child doesn't
    need to die because of
  766. contaminated water with
    diarrhea and the rest.
  767. And then, with a small amount
    of electricity which is produced
  768. we see it,
    the units will be there.
  769. In fact, what we are doing,
    the basis of the Oasis system
  770. is getting structured to be released
    early next year.
  771. Clean water, enough light,
    to be able to live,
  772. and hopefully by the end of the year
    we can provide the system
  773. which provides shelter too
  774. But the shelter will come in a
    longer process.
  775. But... more or less...
  776. in... after new year.
  777. We are targeting for at least one
    new product
  778. which can change the humanity
    every month, or at least
  779. every week or so.
  780. And all of it... the rich will pay
    the full amount.
  781. We have brought a new system in.
  782. There is a minimum purchase
    for a unit,
  783. And then there is a minimum
  784. What it means? You can donate
    a minimum for one unit.
  785. And then... or you can pay for one unit
    if you just want to have a unit.
  786. And whatever is collected either
    way will go back
  787. 50% of it at least, the others half
    depending on the manufacturer
  788. What they want to do
    with their profit,
  789. will go back to the Third World Nation
  790. Not the Third World Nations,
    even in Western Europe.
  791. Some 20% of children go
    hungry to bed.
  792. Because their parents can
    not afford it.
  793. So, we try to cover all aspects
    in every direction.
  794. The changes are huge, and now we start.
  795. Now we have a say
    how we are going to change.
  796. The medical units very, very... in the
    medical units we can release pain
  797. ... will be released, in next
    two weeks maximum.
  798. It's already gone into the process of
    production, cutting and the rest.
  799. maybe by first week of January it'll be
    in the market.
  800. on the Keshe Foundation.
  801. So, we go for every aspect to release
    technology worldwide in masses
  802. and the ones who can't afford it,
    we support it,
  803. then the next one will be toys.
  804. We are actually less
    than a centimeter to land.
  805. (Discussion about the reactors,
    no more teaching from that point)