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01-45 System Testing

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  1. The next kind of testing is system testing, and here we're asking a different question
  2. than we were asking with integration testing and unit testing.
  3. Here we're asking the question does the system as a whole meet its goals?
  4. And often at this point we're doing black box testing, and that's for a couple of reasons.
  5. First of all, the system is probably large enough by now
  6. that a detailed knowledge of its internals may not be
  7. very much help in creating good test cases.
  8. The second reason is really at this point we're not so much concerned
  9. with what's going on inside the system as with
  10. whether the system actually meets its goals or not,
  11. and so another thing that differentiates system testing from unit testing
  12. is the fact that at this level we are often concerned with how the system will be used.
  13. And the fact is, at this level we may not care about
  14. making the system work for all possible use cases.
  15. Rather, we would simply like to make sure that it performs
  16. acceptably for the important use cases.