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  1. The way I solved this puzzle was to first align my right hand to the directions
  2. given in the beta, X south, Z west, and Y up. If I could do it, then I know the
  3. system was right-handed. Easy enough, my right hand aligns just fine. If I try
  4. the same thing with my left hand, I can get 2 out of 3 axis to align but the
  5. third is always in the opposite direction. So, we know the beta version of
  6. minecraft used right hand coordinates. I could solve the second half of the
  7. question by reorienting my right hand and again, noticing that the fingers can
  8. properly align with the axes. So, it is also right-handed. However, you don't
  9. really need to use your hands to figure this out. What happened within the world
  10. itself was simply that the sun started to rise form a different direction. None
  11. of the world's data had changed at all. The only thing that had changed was our
  12. perception of which direction was east. Since the world was the same as before,
  13. the underlying coordinate system itself had not changed. Realizing this, I could
  14. conclude that the released version is still right-handed, just like the beta,
  15. but it never hurts to check with my right hand.