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  1. Today, we are going to talk about revenue
  2. models. Very simply is, how does your
  3. company make money. So in our last lectures
  4. we talked about value proposition, customer
  5. segments, distribution channels, customer
  6. relationships; get, keeping and growing
  7. customers. But today were going to be talking
  8. about revenue streams. How is it that you make
  9. money?
  10. Now revenue models seems incredibly simple,
  11. it answers the question, how does the company
  12. make money from each customer segment.
  13. But one of the things that we always tend to
  14. confuse is the difference between a revenue
  15. model and pricing. That is the amount of dollars
  16. that we might actually charge for the product.
  17. And this is a common mistake. What were
  18. really trying to understand first is what value is
  19. the customer paying for. And the first thing we
  20. need to figure out is, what is our revenue model.
  21. Whats the revenue stream. Thats our strategy.
  22. But what follows is then pricing. What is our
  23. tactics? So again, what were going to try to
  24. figure out is whats our strategy? Revenue
  25. streams. And whats our tactics? Pricing.
  26. And together that means, how does a company
  27. make money from each customer segment.