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  1. Now that we've learned that it's harder as expected to control the brake,
  2. it's time to learn that it's hard as expected to measure the wheel slip.
  3. One simple approach to determine the velocity of the car is to use the W of all four wheels
  4. and to use the largest of them, so that when we have strong slippage for some wheels,
  5. we hope that at least one of those wheels has full contact to the road's surface.
  6. What do you think is the easiest way to improve that estimate of the car's velocity.
  7. Should we be using GPS, should we be using a camera and do motion analysis
  8. of the camera frames, should we be using a 5th wheel--a lightweight one with no brake,
  9. or should we be using a accelerometer of that kind you know from smart phones and game consoles.