The Dangers of Automating Social Response

It’s Wednesday and of course, Mr. Cool Hunter, Ken Herron is with me today on The LinkedIn Lady Show to talk about everything that’s hot, new, controversial, important, or useless in the world of social media and digital technology.

We’re going to start the show with a (now) funny, but epic mistake that Bank of We the online conversation, this one got away from them and we don’t want the same thing to happen to you!

Big Twitter news about DM (direct message) synching…it’s finally here! Oops, you thought you already had it – well guess again. So for those of you who use you Android or iPhone to DM on Twitter, you will finally be able to properly mark it as read in your browser, desktop apps or your tablet.

Google Plus is the new runaway competitor in the social media space, but why are they copying Facebook with features that drove some users AWAY from facebook and TO G+? And do you the REAL reason facebook adopted hashtags? Well it may not be what you think…but it does have to do with money!

And rounding out our conversations today will be a few tips on “pinning it forward.” What that means on Pinterest and how powerful it can be for your business.