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Caesarean Section: Step 3 - Uterine Incision

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This is part of a series of surgical videos for training on Caesarean Section. Viewer discretion is advised: The educational material contained herein may contain medical images that non-professional viewers may find disturbing. The full learning module is available at: The narration is by Dr. Lia Tadesse (St. Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College) in Ethiopia, the procedure is demonstrated by Dr. Richard Adanu (University of Ghana), and the recording was done by Dr. Cary Engleberg (University of Michigan). Along with other resources in the module, this video is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 3.0 License: Video recorded by Dr. Cary Engleberg (University of Michigan). This video is provided by the African Health OER Network ( Video transcribed by Kathleen Omollo (University of Michigan).