Has LinkedIn Lost the Love?

Welcome back to the Wednesday edition of The LinkedIn Lady Show. My co-host, Ken Herron, Mr. Cool Hunter himself and are poised to ruffle feathers and smooth a few, too.

On deck today is up to the moment news from LinkedIn. As you might expect there is both good news and bad news. To give you a hint – it’s about more advertising (good for marketers – perhaps not so much for users); it’s about the loss of LinkedIn Signal and the real story on why all your Endorsements may not be showing on your profile.

But on a happier note, we’ll tell you about happier.com – a new social media site (don’t groan) that may be particularly useful to some of our listeners. Plus, ever wish viewers of your SlideShare presentations could tweet them right out? Well someone has figured out how to make that happen.

And while we are on the subject of Twitter, are you a ‘shouter’ or a ‘whisperer’? and which style of tweeting is right for you?