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  1. "And if one has a complaint
    against another,
  2. forgiving each other."
  3. Paul rightly assumes
  4. there's going to be
    problems in the church.
  5. Right? You gather a few hundred people
  6. together on a regular basis,
  7. and they're still dwelling
    in their mortal flesh,
  8. you're probably going to have
    a problem or two pop up, right?
  9. There's a pretty good chance
  10. that someone's going to have a complaint
  11. as Paul calls it against another.
  12. Legitimate or not,
  13. complaints are going to happen.
  14. If and when they do,
  15. Paul doesn't say just seek
    to avoid that person
  16. as much as you can.
  17. No, he says, forgive each other.
  18. Have a charizomenoi mindset
  19. with one another.
  20. Be gracious.
  21. Bestow kindness.
  22. Forgive that thing and move on.
  23. Not seperate - move on together.
  24. Don't begrudgingly or mechanically
  25. say the words "I forgive you,"
  26. and yet your heart is still
    holding on to that thing.
  27. That's not biblical forgiveness.
  28. That's bibilical bitterness.