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  1. So now it's time to look at
    how you can show real ads and
  2. see how much you can earn from them.
  3. This is done by creating
    an AdMob account.
  4. Let's go back to the following picture.
  5. So what we'll see in this section
    is how to create real ad unit ID
  6. that are associated with
    real ads from advertisers.
  7. And that when you use them,
    you will actually load these real ads.
  8. So let's look at what we'll do.
  9. First of all, I'll show you how
    to create an AdMob Account.
  10. Then we'll look at how to add
    an app to this account and
  11. then we'll see how to
    create Real Ad Unit IDs.
  12. So this will be similar to the test ad
    unit IDs from the perspective of syntax.
  13. But they will actually be tied to
    real ads created by real advertisers.
  14. And all of these things we will
    do from the AdMob web interface.
  15. Let's start by looking at
    creating an AdMob account.