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  1. Hey, welcome back.
  2. Now, as we've said, this class is all about managing complexity.
  3. Now many types of software manage complexity
  4. by trying to artificially rule out any type of uncertainty.
  5. That is, say you have a checkbook-balancing program,
  6. and it says you've got to enter the exact amount.
  7. You've got to say $39.27.
  8. You can't say, oh I don't know about $40.
  9. It's easier to write programs that deal that way, but it constrains what you can do.
  10. So, in this unit we're going to learn about how the laws of probability
  11. can allow you to deal with uncertainty in your programs.
  12. Now, the truly amazing thing is that you can allow uncertainty
  13. and what you know about the world, or what's true right now
  14. and uncertainty in your actions,
  15. if the program does something, what happens next?
  16. Even though both of those are uncertain you can still use the laws of probability
  17. to calculate what it means to do the right thing.
  18. That is, we can have clarity of action.
  19. We can know exactly what the best thing to do is
  20. even though we're uncertain about what's going to happen.
  21. So follow with this unit, and we'll learn how to do that.