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01-47 Testing Car Software

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  1. Now I'd like you to take a short quiz.
  2. I'm going to describe a kind of testing that somebody is doing,
  3. and you're going to tell me which of the kinds of testing that we've discussed
  4. that it's most like.
  5. We have a piece of software under test,
  6. and this is some sort of a really critical embedded system,
  7. maybe, for example, it's controlling airbags on a vehicle.
  8. And this vehicle is going to be out in the field for many years,
  9. and so cars get subjected to fairly extreme conditions.
  10. They have a lot of heating and cooling cycles.
  11. They get exposed to salt and mud and water,
  12. and so the cars are in a fairly harsh environment.
  13. And one of the things we're going to want to know
  14. is how the software responds to defects that get introduced
  15. into the automobile's wiring
  16. as this vehicle ages in the field, that is to say as people are driving it around
  17. the salty roads in Michigan or whatever.
  18. And so what we're going to do is using maybe a simulator or something
  19. we're going to make it look like a wire that's used
  20. for this processor that's used for software running on this processor
  21. to talk with other modules, so cause a really big distributed system,
  22. so the software under test here is just one of many pieces of software
  23. running on the car.
  24. We're going to use some sort of a simulation module
  25. to simulate a noisy wire, and that basically means, for example,
  26. a wire whose insulation has rubbed off and that is not perfectly
  27. conducting signals anymore.
  28. It's getting junk injected into it because it's banging against the car's frame or something.
  29. The question is what kind of testing are we doing?
  30. And your choices are regression testing,
  31. unit testing, stress testing, or white box testing.
  32. Please right now click the box that best describes what we're doing.