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← Don't Think God Can't Expose Your Sin - Ryan Fullerton

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  1. Don't think you can hide from God.
  2. And don't think He can't expose you.
  3. Even if it's true that
    no one knows your sin,
  4. God can give a prophetic word to someone
  5. to expose that sin.
  6. There is no possible way
    in the universe to hide.
  7. But even if you did hide
  8. until the day of your death,
  9. God has planned a day where He will bring
  10. all things to light.
  11. And there will be no hiding then.
  12. And why get caught then?
  13. When it's too late?
  14. When the judgment day has been sealed?
  15. When your destiny in hell is sealed?
  16. When you could come clean now?
  17. And receive mercy and grace in this life
  18. and for eternity?
  19. If you look like a fool
    and a wicked sinner
  20. for the rest of your life,
  21. wouldn't it be worth it if you
  22. were counted righteous in eternity?
  23. In fact, why not model
  24. your response to God's
    exposure after David's?
  25. Look at chapter 12:13,
  26. "David said to Nathan,
  27. 'I have sinned against the Lord.'"
  28. Verse 13 of chapter 12.
  29. "David said to Nathan,
  30. 'I have sinned against the Lord.'"
  31. No if's. No and's. No but's.
  32. No excuses.
  33. Just a simple confession:
  34. Yes, I agree with what I
    have been accused of.
  35. I have sinned against the Lord.
  36. It is a miracle when
    anyone says those words.
  37. It is an absolute miracle
    of the Holy Spirit
  38. when anyone says those words.
  39. And the only words more miraculous
  40. than those words are
    then the following words:
  41. "And Nathan said to David,
  42. 'The Lord also has put away your sin.
  43. You shall not die.'"
  44. Christian, that is what is
    over your whole life.
  45. The Lord has put away your sin.
  46. You shall not die.
  47. But if you hold on to your sin and hide it
  48. how do you even know you're a Christian?
  49. The mark of a Christian
    is that they come clean.
  50. If we say we have no sin,
  51. we deceive ourselves
  52. and the truth is not in us.
  53. But if we confess our sins,
  54. He is faithful and just
    to forgive us our sins
  55. and to cleanse us from
    all unrighteousness.