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18. Arguing with Paul?

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Introduction to New Testament (RLST 152)

Early Christianity presents us with a wide diversity in attitudes towards the law. There were also many different Christologies circulating in different communities. The book of James presents one unique perspective. It seems to be written in the tradition of Jewish wisdom literature in its presentation of sayings and its concern for the poor. James also presents a view of works and faith that seems to oppose Pauline teaching. However, the terms "faith" and "works" function differently in Paul's writings and in the book of James

00:00 - Chapter 1. Diversity in Early Christianity: Attitudes towards the Jewish Law
03:57 - Chapter 2. Diversity in Early Christianity: Christology
21:03 - Chapter 3. James as Jewish Wisdom Literature
27:47 - Chapter 4. Faith and Works in James in Comparison to Paul

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This course was recorded in Spring 2009.