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  1. Now, for the answers. A theory is the outcome of the scientific method.
  2. A theory is also particularly useful hypothesis
  3. because we refined the hypothesis until it becomes a theory.
  4. And it also is a framework that explains and predicts observations.
  5. This is the official definition of theory.
  6. A theory, however, is not a vague guess
  7. when you're talking about the scientific meaning of this theory
  8. When you have scientist speaking about theory, they're talking about the framework
  9. that is consistent with all earlier observation and predicts lots and lots of future observations
  10. and its actually the best framework in most cases
  11. When you have layman speaking about theory, it's more like I have this theory
  12. on how things could be which does not necessarily have the same strength as scientific theory.
  13. The misunderstanding between theory in the sense of a layman using it
  14. and with the theory as scientist use it is the cause for lots of confusion in political debates.
  15. Think about the theory of evolution.
  16. For scientist, the theory of evolution is exactly exponential
  17. and prediction of lots and lots of observations.
  18. A very consistent and form many beautiful framework.
  19. For others, oh this is just a theory of evolution disseminating this as vague guess.
  20. Be careful when you heard the word theory. Its meaning depends very much on whoever says it.
  21. In our context, of course, we're using a theory in order to explain
  22. what the cause of a failure is and in our context we're not looking for vague guesses,
  23. we're looking for something that explains all earlier observations and predicts the future one.