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  1. And here's the solution.
  2. We call the display method, and then in
    parentheses, we put the math expression.
  3. We want 77 people, times 2 for
    the total number of coffees for
  4. the 77 Android developers, and then
    we want to add 1 for that straggler.
  5. We also remember the ; at
    the very end of the line.
  6. Now I can enter this
    into Android Studio.
  7. I'm going to highlight what was all
    ready in parentheses and delete that,
  8. and then I'm going to type 77 * 2 + 1.
  9. Then, I'll run the app.
  10. When the app launches,
    then I just hit the Order button and
  11. then it automatically tells me how
    many cups of coffee I need for
  12. all those developers.