How to tie into the harness with Perfect Figure 8 knot every time

How to tie into the harness with Perfect Figure 8 knot every time

The fastest method to tie a Figure 8 knot into the climbing harness.
100% perfect and easy to untie.

Figure 8 is the most popular knot for Rock Climbing, because it is very hard to mess up and super easy to double check.

Alternatively people choose to use Bowline (one of the 5 safe variations), because they have / had trouble untying Figure 8 after hard Climbing falls.
However as I've shown in this video:
If you tie your Figure 8 properly you won't have any trouble to untie it later.

If you are a bowline user keep in mind that most of the people don't know how to double check your knot.
And if you never tied a bowline before and someone asks you to double check his bowline - don't do that! Instead, tell the person "I don't know how to check your knot please double check it your self".

P.S. If you wonder why I call this NINJA method it's because I learned this from Korean climber who looked super strong and fast like a NINJA :DDDD

0:00 Intro
0:53 Doing initial figure 8
4:21 Harness
7:08 Follow through method
10:34 Don't cross load figure 8
10:53 Bonus

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