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  1. So we've made a lot of
    progress on Sunshine.
  2. >> Yeah,
    I'm feeling a lot better about it.
  3. >> Right, but
    you have to admit it's pretty boring.
  4. Oh come on, like you haven't noticed
    that there's no way to personalize it.
  5. You know if it was my app there'd
    be some sort of Cheyenne, right?
  6. So I was just wondering,
    do you have any ideas?
  7. >> Actually yeah, I think there's a lot
    we can do on the personalization side.
  8. I'm not sure about Cheyenne though.
  9. >> Oh, come on.
  10. Obviously everybody
    needs a little Cheyenne.
  11. >> Yeah, I'll take your word on that.
  12. She is cute though.