Spider-Man 2 | Fullscreen | DVD Vs Upscale

Spider-Man 2 | Fullscreen | DVD Vs Upscale

I've finished my upscale of Spider-Man 2 in Fullscreen!
I'm quite happy with the result, it's even better than in the video, because Youtube compresses it
Still wanted to make a little comparison to warn you that I will share the link on my Twitter later today, so make sure to follow @VeryBadRaimi if you're interested!
I still have a bit of encoding to do, I'm adding subtitles for everyone, and also the upload on mega
But I'll update this description when it's on Twitter! (can't post it here sorry, youtube hates it)

UPDATE: The file is available for download on my twitter @VeryBadRaimi
(Check the pinned tweet)

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