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  1. So, Katherine, we've been working
    on this course for a while.
  2. >> I know, Kunal.
  3. And it's about to launch so
    I'm really excited.
  4. >> Right.
  5. It's been a couple of months that
    we've been designing this course, and
  6. I want to be in perfect synch with you.
  7. >> Okay.
  8. >> Around who the learner or
    the student of this course is.
  9. >> Yeah.
    So I think
  10. the learner is someone who's
    never programmed before.
  11. >> Wait.
  12. When you say never,
    you mean no lines of code.
  13. >> Zero.
  14. >> Zero lines of code.
  15. >> Yeah.
    >> Wow that's going to
  16. be a tough course for us to design but
    it's going to open up the gambit for
  17. everybody to take this course.
  18. >> Absolutely.
  19. I think that's why it's so powerful.
  20. because at the end of this course,
  21. I think they should be able to build
    a couple of simple Android apps.
  22. >> Wait, let's backtrack a little bit.
  23. So, we're saying no lines of code,
    no programming experience but
  24. we're still saying you need a computer
    and you need an internet connection.
  25. >> Yeah, and to have some familiarity
    with using a computer and a smart phone.
  26. >> So you browse the internet let's
    say on a smartphone or a computer?
  27. >> Yeah.
  28. >> Okay, well let's say this is where
    the student is right now, right?
  29. And this is where a professional
    Android developer is, right?
  30. This is where they're making apps,
  31. they're making money,
    they're changing the world.
  32. Let's say this is where we will
    get them at the end of our course.
  33. >> I think we can get them to here.
  34. >> Okay, so in this journey that
    the student is taking with us,
  35. what sort of apps
    are they building here?
  36. >> Yeah, so
    the first app is a birthday card app.
  37. >> Wait, you said first app,
    so there is more than one app?
  38. >> Yeah, so first there's a birthday
    card app, where they can make it for
  39. someone that they love.
  40. >> I like that.
  41. People have birthdays.
  42. Sometimes they even have half birthdays.
  43. [LAUGH]
    >> Yeah, and
  44. the second app should be
    a coffee ordering app.
  45. >> So you say, I want two cappuccinos,
  46. and two cappuccinos appear
    magically from the phone?
  47. >> Not quite.
  48. But it captures what
    the user wants to order and
  49. then it sends it off in an email.
  50. >> Okay.
  51. So in this journey that we've been
    sort of dreaming up, how long will it
  52. take the student so they can
    budget their time appropriately?
  53. >> Hopefully, 20, 25 hours.
  54. >> I think that's about right.
  55. It'll take a lot of deliberate practice.
  56. They'll make a couple of fun apps.
  57. But what they can do is they
    can take this 25 hours and
  58. split this up into 4 or
    5 weeks worth of their time.
  59. >> Yeah, I think that sounds good.
  60. >> So that's as much about
    the course and about us.
  61. At this point,
    I want to ask our students a question.