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  1. The answer is $900. Great work if you figured that one out. We know in our first
  2. case we work 35 hours and we earn $630. For the second case we're going to work
  3. 50 hours but we don't know how much money we're going to get. So we'll use x for
  4. that income two. Next we want to multiply both sides of our equation by the
  5. lowest common denominator or 50 times x. So we'll be left with 35 times x on the
  6. left and 630 times 50 on the right. Essentially when we do this we cross
  7. multiply. We'll have x time 35 here, and 50 times 630 here. Finally, we divide
  8. both sides by 35, and we get x is equal to 900. When you're problem solving, you
  9. want to make sense of this number in the end. What were we solving for? Well we
  10. were wondering how much we could make, so that means we made $900. I know I
  11. included the unit here for you, but make sure you do that in your own problem
  12. solving and throughout the rest of your work.