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  1. It's okay to use such an algorithm if the stakes are low.
  2. It's also okay if no better algorithm is available, I mean if you need to solve your problem,
  3. better have a suboptimal solution than no solution at all.
  4. Only if you don't know better, that was probably the only answer where I would argue with you
  5. because even if you don't know better algorithm for a problem, you should ask around.
  6. So, for example, when you're working on a problem like shortest tour,
  7. there are lots of specialized solutions, specialized algorithms, special cases,
  8. so better talk to an expert before settling for a suboptimal algorithm,
  9. but of course I realized that this quiz is a bit subjective
  10. and you might object to some of my answers.
  11. For example, saying that the stakes are low is something that is rather dangerous
  12. because sometimes even a small improvement can be worth a lot of money or save lives,
  13. so you have to be careful with this one, and also here if it's a high-stake problem,
  14. well, maybe it's worth putting some thought into it and designing your own better algorithm
  15. especially if it's not one of those famous problems here,
  16. chances are that maybe nobody has looked at it closely enough.
  17. In any case, and I think you remember my point from the beginning of this unit,
  18. using a randomized algorithm without any guarantees or detour in sight is always a gamble.
  19. So you need to think about if you want to take that gamble. It might be okay, it might not be.