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  1. We first went to our design team to get
    a design that not only better reflects
  2. material, but provides substantial
    improvements in utility.
  3. We’ve looked at the material
    design specification.
  4. Specifically, how colors, elevation, and
  5. animation can be used to create
    delightful user experiences.
  6. We covered tools and technique to
    help create both material design and
  7. responsive designs, including Toolbar,
  8. CardView, Recycler view,
  9. and GridLayout.
  10. We've looked at using dimensions,
    graphs, and
  11. included layouts to simplify our
    responsive designs for tablets.
  12. Finally, we've covered some simple
    techniques to create L specifics and
  13. L style animations in your applications.
  14. With all of this, we've implemented
    a new, completely refreshed design for
  15. Sunshine that brings us much closer
    to a production application.