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  1. So we had this interesting Idea
    about the trade-free logo
  2. or a symbol - whatever
    you want to call it
  3. in a way that can be replicated
    by anyone
  4. and put on anything.
  5. We will show you
    how you can replicate
  6. this trade-free logo
    and put it on t-shirts for example.
  7. But you can put it
    on anything else
  8. and it becomes a unique logo
    with your handprint,
  9. because that´s the logo itself.
  10. We bought some cheap
    plain t-shirts.
  11. One is white and one is black
    but it can be any colour.
  12. First we put a piece
    of cardboard
  13. so it doesn´t imprint on the
    other side of the t-shirt
  14. It depends where you want
    to put your hand.
  15. You can use any kind of paint.
  16. And now it´s as simple as
    putting your hand here
  17. and then just put your
    hand over here.
  18. Now put it on the T-Shirt.
  19. I press a little bit,
    take my hand
  20. and that´s it.
  21. It´s a trade-free t-shirt
    with a trade-free logo.
  22. No one owns it but you.