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  1. They found that students who were not asked to list their race performed well,
  2. and as for the students who were asked to list their race they found that
  3. African American students became really anxious and performed poorly on their
  4. test. This is what we meant earlier about stereo types possibly perpetuating
  5. themselves, here we see that stereotypes can influence an individual to behave
  6. in a way that confirms the stereotype. So why is this important? Well, think of
  7. a stereotype such as girls don't do well in math or science. Or men aren't
  8. emotionally aware. If you're in one of these categories, for example a girl,
  9. and you're aware of the stereotype it can actually influence your overall
  10. performance. This is quite fascinating and important to be aware of because the
  11. stereotype girls are not good at math might prevent girls from going into a
  12. field that's heavy in math or even may cause individual girls to perform poorly
  13. on a math exams. Can you think of any stereotype groups that you may belong to?
  14. And how this could possibly affect your performance on different tasks? This is
  15. a great topic for the discussion forums. However, it's a sensitive topic so
  16. please be respectful. Now, let's go to Susan who has an example for us.