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  1. Well, let's think it through together, and then write out the details.
  2. At a high level, this is going to be:
  3. an element , an element, and then Empty.
  4. So we're going to end up making a list
  5. that has element 1 in it and element 2 in it,
  6. and then nothing else--
  7. based on this rule up here, where we just make a bigger and bigger list,
  8. out of the list containing the first element
  9. and everything else we've gathered up.
  10. So this will be the final value of our parse tree,
  11. corresponding to this more graphical parse tree--
  12. really more of a list, but a lot of things in computer science are.
  13. Rama's Journey is more commonly known as the Ramayana.
  14. It's a Sanskrit epic that's a very important part of the Hindu canon
  15. and it explores human values and Dharma.
  16. If you haven't already had a chance to read it,
  17. I strongly encourage you to make a rendezvous with Rama.
  18. It's time well spent.