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  1. This is where the difference between physical and web/mobile channels first come into play
  2. because the MVP for a physical channel that is something you sell directly through stores
  3. under the direct sales force is very different than something that you might be building
  4. for the web or even more so for a mobile channel.
  5. So in a physical channel, what you really want to have is something that customers can touch
  6. and feel because you're going to be out talking to them and while you could certainly go out
  7. with a PowerPoint deck with a photo of what the product's going to look like, etc.,
  8. my advice always is invest a day or two in building something even if it's out of Styrofoam
  9. and cardboard or if it's something as small as a chip or a microphotograph
  10. or a microphotograph of a proposed die layout.
  11. That is almost for any physical product you should probably be going out
  12. and trying to get some reaction based on something that people could see and touch.
  13. And in doing that, you're going to test your understanding of the problem,
  14. test your understanding of the solution, and when you do that it's going to prove
  15. that it solves the core problem of the customers.
  16. And you're going to learn what the minimum set of features are from the early evangelists.
  17. In a physical channel, this requires lots of interviews, demos, and prototypes
  18. and lots of eyeball of contacts.