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  1. Now as you can tell, Box2D is a fantastic library and the best part is it's
  2. actually free use. And then we can go download it off the internet and put it
  3. in our game. The author's only ask one thing though in their licensing. That
  4. you give them credit for using their work. Now back to GDC 2011, a very popular
  5. mobile game developer who is actually using Box2D in their game. But actually
  6. forgot to credit the Box2D authors. This actually came to a head at GDC, when
  7. the very popular game makers were actually on stage during a panel. Some lonely
  8. representative actually stood up in the audience and asked them a question from
  9. the crowd. Asking them what physics engineer are you using, to which they
  10. responded, Box2D. The individual then said hey, did you know that licensing
  11. actually requires you to give attribution to them? They said didn't know that,
  12. and he said cool. My name's Aaron Cotto, I wrote the library. Would you be
  13. willing to give me credit? Of course, the person said let's talk afterwards.
  14. The point is this, all that open-source software out there comes with some
  15. license. So before you actually go grab it, make sure that you read through
  16. their licensing terms very, very carefully. And that you're abiding by their
  17. using in a proper, legal way. Otherwise, you might get an angry Aaron Cotto
  18. showing up at your next GDC talk.