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  1. This means that this is graphing an even function. Let's think about y. If we
  2. pick a y coordinate on any one of these graphs, let's say 10, [inaudible]
  3. distance we need to move to the right, in order to hit our curve, is the same as
  4. the distance we would need to move, to the left to hit the curve, just in the
  5. opposite direction of course. So that means the x coordinate, of the point whose
  6. y coordinate is 10, on the right side, is just the opposite of the x coordinate,
  7. of the point whose y coordinate is 10 to the left side of the y axis. This makes
  8. sense mathematically as well. Let's take a look at y equals x squared to see
  9. how. Let's say we have an x coordinate of 3, well then y is going to equal 3
  10. squared, which is just 9. However we also know that if we had negative 3 instead
  11. Well, negative three squared is also nine. Negative numbers and positive numbers
  12. that the same absolute value, have the same squares.