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Unit 8 12 Finding a Successful Plan Question

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  1. Let's say we performed that search.
  2. We had a big search tree, and then we threw out
  3. all the branches except one, and this branch of the search tree
  4. does itself have branches, but this branch of the search tree
  5. through the belief state represents a single plan,
  6. not multiple possible plans.
  7. Now, what I want to know is, for this single plan,
  8. what can we guarantee about it?
  9. So, say we wanted to know is this plan guaranteed to find the goal
  10. in an unbounded number of steps?
  11. And what do we need to guarantee that?
  12. So, it's an unbounded solution.
  13. Do we need to guarantee that
  14. some leaf node is a goal?
  15. So, for example, here's a plan to go through,
  16. and at the bottom, there's a leaf node.
  17. Now, if this were in problem solving,
  18. then remember, it would be a sequence of steps
  19. with no branches in it, and we know it's a solution
  20. if the one leaf node is a goal.
  21. But for these with branches, do we need to guarantee
  22. that some leaf is a goal,
  23. or do we need to guarantee
  24. that every leaf is a goal,
  25. or is there no possible guarantee
  26. that will mean that for sure we've got a solution,
  27. although the solution may be of unbounded length?
  28. Then I also want you to answer
  29. what does it take to guarantee
  30. that we have a bounded solution?
  31. That is, a solution that is guaranteed to reach the goal
  32. in a bounded, finite number of steps.
  33. Do we need to have a plan that has
  34. no branches in it, like this branch?
  35. Or a plan that has no loops in it,
  36. like this loop that goes back to a previous state?
  37. Or is there no guarantee that we have a bounded solution?