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  1. For this problem, imagine that we have a grandfather clock here
  2. and this grandfather clock keeps time with the pendulum.
  3. This pendulum has a length, which we're going to call le and a mass of m.
  4. Suppose we want to take our grandfather clock on a trip to the moon.
  5. Now we know that the period of the oscillations for this pendulum depends on the value of g,
  6. and g is different on the moon--in fact, it's 1.6 m/s² as suppose to 9.8 m/s².
  7. In order for our grandfather clock to work just as well on the moon as it does on earth,
  8. we're going to have to change the length of the pendulum.
  9. Can you tell me how long should this pendulum be on the moon
  10. in terms of how long it is on the earth?
  11. Put your answer here and give it in terms of the length of the pendulum on earth.
  12. If you think the pendulum on the moon should be twice as long if we put 2 here,
  13. and if you think it should be, say, a third as long, you should put 0.33 here, something like that.