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  1. Now this is a tough quiz because we haven't done this before.
  2. So you'll probably want to do to the documentation page to figure out
  3. how to do this.
  4. Here's the question.
  5. Suppose now that I've done my fitting with my Lasso regression,
  6. maybe I've predicted a point or two with it.
  7. Let's say that I want to understand the effect of the fact that this is
  8. a regularized regression,
  9. which means that I want to look at the coefficients of the regression.
  10. I want to see, for example, if it's setting any of them to, to zero or to
  11. very small values, which is effectively the same as discarding those features.
  12. In other words, I want to start accessing the information of which
  13. features are the most important in my regression results.
  14. So the question for you is what would you put in this box here
  15. to print the coefficients of the regression?
  16. So I've already given you the print command, and
  17. the question is what line would you put in this box to access the coefficients?