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  1. Now it's your turn to add code to your
    app to track when users do something.
  2. So add code to your app to
    track the remove meal event, or
  3. you can choose your own event to track.
  4. Then you're going to need to
    run the app on your device.
  5. Make sure it's connected to
    android studio, and use the app.
  6. And in particular,
  7. make sure that you do the event that's
    going to fire the event hit code.
  8. You can look in the logs to see the
    event being sent to the analytic service
  9. for dispatching.
  10. Then you need to review the events
    in the Analytics dashboard.
  11. It's a good idea to keep an eye on
    the real time data because then you'll
  12. see the hits showing up fairly soon
    after you actually send the event.
  13. And it's nice to have that feedback
    just in case it takes a while for
  14. the data to percolate to
    the rest of the dashboard.
  15. Then think about what events you
    might really want to track in this
  16. particular app.
  17. Is it helpful just to record
    what dinners people don't like?
  18. Go ahead and discuss it in the forum.