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  1. Huh.
  2. So Chris, how did that rendering
    performance go the other day?
  3. >> Oh, man, everything's great.
  4. It's back to being superfast.
  5. >> Yeah.
  6. >> You know,
    I hate to say it I think you were right.
  7. >> Well Chris.
  8. It's not about being right or
    wrong, even though I'm right.
  9. It's about understanding that in the
    mobile application development space,
  10. it's all about trade offs, right?
  11. You have to make performance conscious
    decisions between the features you
  12. want and the applications and devices
    that people are going to be running on.
  13. You can't just run off into the weeds,
    make whatever you want,
  14. and then get mad at the system when it
    doesn't perform the way you want it to.
  15. >> Yeah, I know.
  16. That's totally fair.
  17. Oh wait.
  18. With all of that extra frame time,
    more animations.
  19. >> Well, wait, no, Chris,
    that's not what I was talk-