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  1. [Rap beat.]
  2. Clean and smooth.
  3. Clean, and smooth.
  4. [Instrumental.]
  5. If your neck is itchy,
    then you need to shave, son.
  6. Better use your Quattro.
  7. It will get the job done.
  8. Schick Quattro!
  9. Get the perfect shave.
  10. Don't use a shaver
    that'll cut up your face.
  11. Get the Quattro.
  12. The finest blade.
  13. It won't leave you with stubble
    all over the place.
  14. But, what about me?
    I got a beard.
  15. Not to worry my friend.
  16. Schick Quattro here.
  17. It's got a trimmer
    on the other end.
  18. Wow! Now,
    that's convenient.
  19. Get the Quattro!
  20. It gives you the confidence

  21. to do what you want,
    when you want.
  22. Don't settle for less.
  23. Clean, and smooth.
  24. Clean and smooth.
  25. We're talkin' 'bout the
  26. clean, and smooth.
  27. It's Titanium!
  28. Now, whatcha goin' do?
  29. Titanium!
  30. [Rap instrumental.]
  31. [Voices droning.]
  32. [Bell rings.]
  33. Lunch break!
  34. [Instrumental to Fergalicious.]
  35. Wendy's!
  36. Taco Bell.
  37. Pizza Hut.
  38. McDonald's.
  39. [Instrumental.]
  40. Mickey D's.
  41. Mickey D's!
  42. Domino's!
  43. Jamba Juice.
  44. Starbucks.
  45. Burger King.
  46. McDonald's.
  47. Filet-O-Fish.
  48. Mickey D's (uh huh.)
  49. McDonald's.
  50. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
  51. Mickey D's.
  52. Mickey D's!
  53. [Bell rings.]
  54. Back to work.
  55. [Acoustic guitar.]
  56. [Country accent.]
    What's your name?
  57. Baby, what's your number?
  58. [Strings.]
  59. 'Cause girl, you got me,
  60. you got a brother wonderin'.
  61. If you want a
  62. homie and a lover,
  63. I can be your
    friend 'til the end.
  64. Now girl what's up?
  65. I'm goin' crazy.
  66. Girl, what's up?
  67. 'Cause I wanna know
    if I can love ya.
  68. Oooh, girl, what's up?
  69. Yeah, would you be my lady?
  70. Yeah, yeah,
    girl what's up?
  71. I wanna know
    who you are,
  72. and make you a star.
  73. Girl, I'm givin' you
  74. 'cause my love is yours.
  75. What's your name
    and number?
  76. Come on,
    give 'em to me.
  77. Pom Fresh came to me,
  78. they asked me, uh,
    how do you want to
  79. open a pomegranate?
  80. And I said to them,
  81. "No, I will sing to that,
  82. as if my mama was
    singing to me."
  83. We go making
    the music video,
  84. and it went to
    the top of the charts.
  85. [Voices sing: Ooooh]
  86. [Greek accent]
  87. how do I open you?
  88. I want to taste the juice
  89. from the succulent fruit.
  90. Pomegranate,
  91. I don't take you for granted.
  92. I know you are full of life.
  93. When I am saying
  94. that I score the red peel,
  95. it's a very emotional
    line for me, you know.
  96. I am feeling
  97. the pain of the pomegranate.
  98. I will take my knife,
  99. and I will score through
    your red peel.
  100. These antioxidants,
    I'm beginning to feel.
  101. I will take you under water,
  102. and pull you apart.
  103. It's such an accomplishment
  104. in my life, to
    do something
  105. for such a wonderful fruit.
  106. I will grab a handful,
    and put it to my mouth.
  107. Like this.
  108. The flavor will explode.
  109. And then, I will know
  110. that I have conquered
  111. the opening of the pomegranate.
  112. [Upbeat rap instrumental.]
  113. Yeah.
  114. [Instrumental.]
  115. S
  116. X
  117. S
  118. W
  119. [Instrumental.]
  120. Projecting live
  121. from Austin Texas,
    to you.
  122. Yo what's up?
  123. My name is Kimo.
  124. You like go
    south by southwest?
  125. We go!
  126. We get tiki stand.
  127. We get mac nut.
  128. Don't mess with us,
  129. or we kick you in the -
  130. [Musical chord]
  131. - face!
  132. 'Cause this the place
  133. for showing Hawaii styling
  134. to the human race!
  135. We got Worldsound,
  136. ripping all new hits.
  137. [Anuhea sings.]
  138. So if you're at
    south by southwest.
  139. Come check out Worldsound,
    'cause our booth is the best.
  140. We got a hot new sound
    from Hawaii.
  141. Yeah, Aloha!
  142. Aloha what?
  143. [Instrumental.]
  144. Eh -
  145. I dunno.
  146. Huh.
  147. You suck at rapping.
  148. [Instrumental.]
  149. ["Man in the Mirror" intro.]
    [Actual song plays.]
  150. Ooh-ooh.
  151. [Finger snaps.]
  152. Ahh-ooh.
  153. I'm gonna make a change
  154. for once in my life.
  155. [Finger snaps.]
  156. Uh!
  157. Gonna feel real good,
  158. gonna make a difference.
  159. Gonna make it right.
  160. [Finger snaps.]
  161. Uh!
  162. As I turned up the collar on
  163. my favorite winter coat,
  164. this wind is blowing my mind.
  165. I see the kids in the street
  166. with not enough to eat.
  167. Who am I to be blind,
  168. pretending not to see their need?
  169. A summer's disregard,
  170. a broken bottle top,
  171. and one man's soul.
  172. They follow each other
    on the wind, you know.
  173. 'Cause they got nowhere to go.
  174. That's why I want you to know,
  175. I'm starting with
    the man in the mirror.
  176. [Music stops.]
  177. Ugh.
  178. That's right...
  179. I don't have a reflection,
  180. because I'm a vampire.
  181. "Man in the Mirror?!"
  182. What was I thinking?!
  183. Should've done "Thriller."
  184. [Song plays.]
  185. D-Choiiiiii.
  186. Yeah! David Choi!
  187. [Instrumental.]
  188. Edward Cullen
  189. Collaboration.
  190. Yeah! It's all good, baby!
  191. Uh! Huh-uh!
  192. Y'all know me.
  193. I'm Edward C.
  194. Makin' millions off of that
  195. "Twilight" movie.
  196. And I'll be makin' mo
  197. 'cause now there's three
  198. soon there'll be fo.
  199. Sing along with me.
  200. Might bite me, but I won't bite back
  201. Sucking humans for their blood
    is wack.
  202. I don't wanna kill you, baby
  203. I don't wanna change you
    to be like me.
  204. I ain't got no soul.
  205. I thought you should know.
  206. But I got that bling-bling
  207. I can buy you anything.
  208. I am over 100 years old
  209. but I have no wrinkle.
  210. I'm not a liar
  211. I just don't age,
    'cause I'm a vampire.
  212. D-Choiiiiii
  213. 'Cause I'm a vampire.
  214. Huh!
  215. [Instrumental.]
  216. So, show me and D-Choi some love.
  217. 'Cause this is the best collab
  218. you ever dreamed of.
  219. Thumbs up. Thumbs up.
  220. Raise your cup
  221. and click thumbs up.
  222. If you want, I'll suck your blood.
  223. Naw, I'm just kidding.
  224. Blood actually makes me sick.
  225. I'd much rather prefer
    a glass of cold milk.
  226. And a cookie.
  227. Yeahhhh!
  228. Ha ha ha!
  229. [Instrumental.]
  230. Y'all know what this is.
  231. Because his name is...
  232. Justin Bieber!
  233. I'm givin' you the fever!
  234. Another year older,
    and my voice got deeper.
  235. I quitted singin'
  236. 'cause I started blingin'
  237. thanks to Usher, I'm ching-chingin'
  238. Now, I know all my fans like
  239. what's it again?
  240. [Women] "Justin, we love you.
    You're so cute."
  241. I gotta do what I gotta do.
  242. [?]
  243. Watch your back, Eminem.
  244. Better step up your game,
  245. 'cause I'm a new man.
  246. Do ya know what I'm sayin'?
  247. I may be a little kid,
  248. but I ain't playin'.
  249. Like Little Wayne and Nikki Minaj
  250. we're recordin' this video
    in my garage.
  251. 'Cause I'm first name [?],
    Last name Addicted.
  252. Don't you know I'm everything
    Young Money was missing?
  253. Justin in diapers.
    [Phrase repeats.]
  254. [Baby giggles.]
  255. [Gospel vocals]
    [Female singer]
  257. wake up
  258. to the sound of music
  259. Mother Mary, Mother Mary
  260. come to meeeeeeeee!
  261. Speaking words of wisdom!
  262. I want you to let it be!
  263. Yeah, yeah, yeahhh!
  264. Let it be!
  265. Let it beeee
  266. Let it beeee, yeah!
  267. Let it beeee!
  268. Ohhhhhh,
  269. There will be an answer
  270. Let it beeeeeeee!
  271. Yeahhhhhh.
  272. Leeeet it BE!
  273. (Let it be)
  274. Let it be!
  275. (Let it be)
  276. Let it beeeeee,
  277. Oh! Let it be.
  278. [Piano]
  279. (Ooooh)
  280. Whisper words of wisdom,
  281. (Ooooooh)
  282. Let it be.
  283. (Ooooh)
  284. [Drunk voice]
  285. When life's got you
    down in the dumps,
  286. you don't know what to do.
  287. Just do what I do.
  288. [Jaden Smith song plays]
  289. I whip my hair back and forth,
    I whip my hair back and forth!
  290. (Just whip it)
  291. I whip my hair back and forth,
    I whip my hair back and forth!
  292. (Whip it real good.)
  293. I whip my hair back and forth,
    I whip my hair back and forth!
  294. I whip my hair back and forth,
    I whip my hair back and forth.
  295. Hop up out the bed,
  296. turn my swag on
  297. Pay no attention to them haters,
  298. because we whip 'em off,
  299. and we ain't doin' nothin' wrong.
  300. So don't tell me nothin'
  301. I'm just gonna have fun.
  302. So keep the party jumpin'
  303. So what's up?
  304. Yeahhhh!
  305. And now they don't know what to do
  306. we turn our back and whip our hair,
  307. and just shake 'em off,
    shake 'em off.
  308. So give that a try.
  309. [Strings]
  310. [Sings] The more you know.
  311. Uhm!